Ragnar Rock
A universe based upon Norse Mythology and then some.

imageRagnar Rock is a 12 year old boy that lives in Midgaard, the world where the humans of the Mythological world of Norse Mythology live.

He is an Orphan, for the time being living in the loft of the village blacksmith, Mester Merskum, in a small Midgaard village called Fjellheim. Even if life in Fjellehim is more than adequate, Ragnar cannot settle, as his one mission in life is to find his real parents.

This quest has lead him upon many a journey, and has also resulted in Ragnar not staying long in any one place. Even at his young age Ragnar has more knowledge and experience in regards to Midgaard and the worlds surrounding him, including Jotuns, Gods and other creatures and places that would normally scare most 12 year olds, than any seasoned Midguardian But in Midgaard life is way beyond normal, be it man, boy, woman, girl,animal, creature or god.

The universe where Ragnar resides is filled with strange animals, creatures and Gods, and based upon this universe, we have set out to create numerous games and activities, that cater for all ages be it man, boy, woman, girl... etc.

Ragnar will be featured in some games, but other games will not feature him at all, but instead focus on other cahracters, such as Thor (Thor´s Revenge), Loki, Odin, The Dwarves etc. It is a fun universe to use as a basis for games, and we have a ton of ideas and concepts, where we hope to pick and create the best to let you the player partake in it all.

Our latest game; Thor´s Revenge has just been released for the Ipad, and will soon be released for the iphone as well as Android devices.

Previous Ragnar Rock games:

Ragnar Rock: The Third Eye

Ragnar Rock: Fjellheim Village

Ragnar Rock games are created and produced by Playlevel AS, a game development company based in Norway Playlevel mainly create original titles for the end user, but also license and/or modify their games for other commercial purposes. Please contact them with you ideas and/or needs.